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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions people have about modSanctum.

modSanctum is a Video Game Modding community, download site and educational center.  We offer a full social network, mod upload center, video library, and more all in a gamified fashion.

Share content with others, earn badges, rank up and become one of modSanctum’s top mod authors!

If you are a content creator and are looking for a place to host your mod, look no further, mod sanctum gives you full control over how your content.

The most fundamental difference between modSanctum and Nexus Mods is our focus.  While Nexus Mods focuses on the Downloader experience, modSanctum focuses on the Content Creator experience.  By that we mean ALL individuals who participate in the process of creating and promoting mods, not just the guy who posted it.

This fundamental difference is the most important in our opinion.  modSanctum believes in content rights, nurturing talent and creating an environment that makes making mods and content for mods more efficient and enjoyable overall. 

That being said, modSanctum is much more than a download website.  We offer many tools to help content creators manage their content and communicate with their followers such as real-time chat, personal support centers, a full coaching center and much more coming!

Join today and check us out! It’s free!

Technically we will host files for ANY game in the future.

That being said, our approach for hosting mod files is different than other sites.  modSanctum is a website network meaning that it is comprised of many websites all linked together (sort of like Google).

We also feel certain games on mS should have an entire domain dedicated to that game so on modSanctum we split games into 2 Tiers.

Tier 1 Games: Skyrim, Fallout 4 etc. have their own domain on the modSanctum network. (example https://fallout-4.modsanctum.org)

Tier 2 Games: Smaller games that are not as active in the modding community are considered a Tier 2 game and will all be located on the same domain. (This is TBA)

Soon we will be implementing a system which will allow us to host files for any game.

modSanctum is completely free.  We do offer Patron Accounts however for those who want to skip the download restrictions and hide advertisements.

Check out our Patron Account today for a full list of features!

Similar to an Early Access game modSanctum is currently in its Beta.  This means not all features are complete and not all optimization has been done.

We have several steps left yet that will ensure modSanctum is a fast and enjoyable experience for everyone with the ability to support millions of users.

One of the biggest goals we have is our server upgrade, this upgrade will give us the horsepower to drive all of the features on modSanctum.

To help us get to our goal you can help by signing up to a Patron Subscription.  If everyone signs up to our patron subscription we will be able to upgrade our servers and modSanctum will be lightning fast for all!

Technically yes!  There is a process for gaining access however.

To upload content to modSanctum you must have the appropriate rank or badge.  These can be earned for free through participation.

If you are an established content creator we have a Veteran Badge system to help expedite the process.

At this time file sizes are 2g.  We will be raising this to 10g at some point in the future however.

There is no limit to how many mods you can upload.

Absolutely!  If you do not want to participate in the gamification aspects of the website you can download mods and browse content freely.

If you are an established content creator and want to go right to uploading content you can apply for a Veteran Badge and you will have instant access to our content center as well as a Lifetime Membership.