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      I’m creating a mod with the tenative name Medicae. The goal of this mod is to re engineer previous crafting styles, methods, and or ingredients from previous fallout games. right now i have Broc Flower and Xander root as growable items and a proxy method of planting them. before moving too far in one direction or the other i’d like some community advice on which method of obtaining items and recipes people would prefer:

      my first idea is locking them behind vanilla perks and adding a vendor. simple and practical but not very immersive

      the second idea is adding a terminal near vault 111 and triggering a quest via said terminal that would branch out and allow a more immersive way of unlocking mod content.

      The third idea is do both based on the style of crafting, an example being you could buy the seeds for broc flower and xander root but you’d need to unlock salient green and plant cloning via a quest.

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