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modSanctum Guide

In this section we break down all aspects of modSanctum and what we have planned.

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

Career Center

The Career Center is set to be one of the distinguishing features of modSanctum, setting us apart from other modding platforms.

We fundamentally believe that mod authors are game developers. Games like DayZ, PubG, and Team Fortress all began as mods or were developed by modders, underscoring the truth in this statement.

Many modders leverage their creations as portfolio items, aiming to showcase their skills to secure better employment opportunities. Modding attracts talent from a variety of fields – 3D artists, programmers, texture artists, voice actors, and many more. At modSanctum, we aim to support these creative individuals and facilitate their professional growth.

Our Career Center pursues three primary goals:

Other Achievements

Our approach to achieving this lies in a fusion of gamification and a robust set of tools that enable modders to commission assistance from fellow modders. Drawing parallels to popular platforms like Fiverr, our system will allow users to compensate for services using Sanctums, USD, and potentially even cryptocurrency (a future plan) through a secure escrow system.

Here are some of the key features we’re planning:

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

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