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Voice Actor Path

Welcome to the Voice Actor Modding Path

Welcome to your journey towards mastering the Voice Actor Path on modSanctum!

Here, you’ll find a series of quests carefully crafted to introduce you to the world of modding and modSanctum. As you complete these quests, not only will you gain valuable knowledge about modding, but you’ll also earn points that will help you rise through the Voice Actor Path ranks.

Our Voice Actor Path is your ticket from novice to expert. Whether you’ve never installed a mod before or you’re aiming to manage a whopping 1000 mods in your load order, this path is your roadmap to gaming greatness!

Tutorial Quest

In this quest, we’ll take a deep dive into how our ranking and achievement system works. It’s like peering behind the curtains of a grand performance. So, buckle up, because the journey to modding greatness continues!


10,000 Experience

Tutorial Badge