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Author Sponsorship

Request, Transfer or Nominate a Mod Author for our Sponsorship Program.

modSanctum Sponsorship Badge

One of the many ways a mod author can gain access to the mod upload center is through the Mod Author Sponsorship Program.  This program is designed to allow the community to help authors bypass the rank system gaining access to the upload center through a process of votes.

Anyone who has been granted a Sponsorship Badge and is at least Rank 1 Author (Author Badge) can transfer their Sponsorship Badge to another mod author sponsoring them and automatically granting that person access to the mod upload center.

Sponsorship badges are also purchasable by Rank 3 Mod Authors for 1000 Influence.  One of the benefits of ranking up on modSanctum.

Coming Soon: Once a sponsorship badge is given to a mod author, the Sponsor (the author who sponsored that individual) will receive ongoing rewards based on the performance of the mod author they sponsored.  This does not impact the potential rewards the sponsored author would receive, this reward is an additional bonus given to the author sponsoring others to encourage them to only transfer the Sponsorship Badge to the best authors.

Being directly sponsored by someone is not the only way to obtain a sponsorship badge.  If an author is nominated by enough people for the sponsorship badge, they will be automatically granted the sponsorship badge and given access to the mod author upload center.

If you are a friend of a mod author, and you think they should be able to upload mods due to their experience or reputation within the community, you can nominate them for the sponsorship badge and if they are not already on the list they will be added.  Once that user receives 500 sponsors they will be automatically granted the sponsorship badge and access to the mod upload center.



This badge grants access to the following areas:

Mod Author Upload Center
Video Upload Center
Image Upload Center
Spotlight Upload Center
Guide Center

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