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File Submission Guidelines

At modSanctum, our focus is on upholding content creator rights and ensuring that we can provide a platform for all mod authors to enjoy.  We use US law as a foundation for our free speech and content guidelines and try to adhere to this as much as possible.

File Submission

We welcome submissions in .zip, .7z, and .rar file formats. To ensure that your submitted content aligns with our standards, kindly review the guidelines provided below.

All content submitted by users, including but not limited to mods, videos, images, and descriptions, belongs to the respective users. Users have the right to delete any or all of their submitted content at any time. Submitted content should be respectful of others and adhere to legal requirements. modSanctum moderators reserve the right to remove any content that they determine, in their sole discretion, to be hateful, illegal, or in violation of intellectual property rights.

Restricted Content Restricted content includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Illegal content, such as child pornography or promotion of terrorism.
  2. Sexualization of minors (under 18 years old) in any form.
  3. Promotion of real-world illegal activities (software piracy, copyright infringement, physical violence, fraud, property damage, etc.) and harmful misinformation that could lead to physical violence or material threats to public health and safety.
  4. Content intended to harm a user’s person or property (malware, adware, etc.).
  5. Content that does not comply with our Adult Content Guidelines.
  6. Improperly categorized content (deceptive tags, categories, or mod descriptions).
  7. Redistribution of content without proper authorization or written permission.
  8. Inclusion of executable files, unless essential for mod functionality and pre-approved by modSanctum moderators.
  9. Content that disrupts multiplayer games, placeholder content, private storage content, password-protected content, content intended to harass other users, and any other content that modSanctum moderators determine, in their sole discretion, not to provide a material benefit to other users.
  10. Displaying flags and symbols representing movements, countries, or businesses is permitted, provided their usage does not endorse hate groups, infringe upon copyright laws, or explicitly incite hate or harm towards particular individuals or groups. Flags, such as the American flag, the Pride flag, and others that may be deemed controversial by some, are allowed as long as their use adheres to our established guidelines.

Non-compliant content will be removed, and the uploader’s account may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or bans.

Obtain Permission and Credit Properly

Do not redistribute copyrighted content or any content that is not yours without obtaining written consent from the original author or copyright holder. Retain proof of consent indefinitely. Lack of written consent does not imply permission.

Provide written credit to the original author and copyright holder, unless they have publicly stated in writing that their work can be used without credit.

Do not distribute “patches” or “translations” of another author’s work without first obtaining written permission to modify their content. Patches and translations may create issues for the original author if they interfere with the original mod’s functionality.

Once an author grants permission for their work to be used in another mod, that permission cannot be revoked, as long as the use of their work complies with the scope of the permission granted.

Copyright holders may use our DMCA Form to report any copyright violations.

For comments, questions, or concerns, please visit our Policies & Guidelines Center or contact [email protected].