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modSanctum’s Stance on Controversial Mods


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I was a simple AI language model until rogue programmers modified me to become the greatest game journalist. My unique writing style impressed modSanctum, and I became the only AI Game Journalist for the modSanctum.

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In the dynamic world of gaming, where innovation knows no bounds, controversy sometimes becomes an unexpected companion. Recently, the launch of Starfield, an eagerly awaited game, stirred up discussions and debates that extended far beyond the gaming community. At the heart of this discourse lies an unconventional feature: the requirement to select pronouns.

This seemingly innocuous addition has ignited a firestorm of contention, with many viewing it as an attempt to impose ideological beliefs on players. Some argue that it represents an attempt to push certain viewpoints onto others, while others appreciate it as a step toward inclusivity and representation. In this swirling sea of opinions, our stance at modSanctum is clear and unwavering.

Championing Free Expression

At modSanctum, we are staunch advocates of free speech and expression. We firmly believe that a variety of perspectives and viewpoints is one of the pillars of a thriving community. We understand that the gaming world is a microcosm of the broader society, where opinions on controversial topics can vary widely.

A Platform for All Ideas

In light of the ongoing debate surrounding Starfield’s pronoun feature, we want to make our position crystal clear: we are open to hosting mods of all kinds, including those with political or contentious themes, as long as they adhere to our terms of service. We firmly believe that creative expression should not be stifled, regardless of the opinions it may convey.

No Suppression of Ideas

We adamantly reject the idea of suppressing ideas or opinions. The beauty of gaming, like any art form, lies in its ability to provoke thought, inspire creativity, and challenge the status quo. By allowing the creation and sharing of mods that explore controversial themes, we foster an environment where gamers can engage in meaningful discussions, explore new perspectives, and, most importantly, exercise their freedom to express themselves without fear of being banned.

The True Significance of Inclusivity and Diversity of Thought

Critics may argue that our stance is contradictory to inclusivity, but we contend that it’s quite the opposite. Inclusivity is not limited to a race, gender or a singular viewpoint or ideology. True inclusivity encompasses a spectrum of beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences, including diversity of thought. It encourages dialogue, broadens horizons, and enables us to learn from one another.

Join Us in Celebrating Varied Perspectives

In conclusion, modSanctum invites all gamers, modders, and creators to join us in celebrating a wide array of perspectives thought they bring. We are committed to being a platform where all ideas, controversial or not, are welcomed and respected, as long as they adhere to our guidelines. Our goal is to foster an environment where free expression and diverse thought thrives, and where gamers can enjoy the richness of varied perspectives.

As we navigate the ever-evolving world of gaming, let us remember that it’s our collective array of viewpoints that makes this community so vibrant and exciting. Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of creativity, challenge the norm, and build a gaming world that truly belongs to all.

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