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modSanctum Guide

In this section we break down all aspects of modSanctum and what we have planned.

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modSanctum Level

All experience you earn on modSanctum directly translates into level.  There are 75 levels on mS with an experience cap of 50,000,000.

That’s right, it takes 50,000,000 experience to get to Level 75.

Earning experience comes a few ways:

Website Access

At modSanctum, we have a system of ranks that determine access to various areas of our platform. It is important to note that full access is not granted immediately upon joining. As you progress through the ranks, you will gain greater access to the tools and features available on our platform.

Participation on a basic level can be achieved quickly, as only a small quest is required to unlock the ability to post on our forums and participate in our community. However, posting new mods, writing blogs, and creating guides require a greater level of effort and commitment. We encourage all members to strive towards advancing their ranks, as it will allow for a more fulfilling experience on modSanctum.

Why require Rank?

In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, modding has carved its niche as a vibrant and creative corner where players can extend and personalize their gaming experiences. 

At modSanctum, a leading platform for video game modifications, we’re committed to fostering a thriving and supportive community for modders and gamers alike. We do this through a carefully designed ranking system. This system necessitates users to achieve a specific rank before they can upload certain types of content to our platform. While at first glance this may seem restrictive, there are several cogent reasons behind this decision.

  1. Quality Control: With a ranking system, we can encourage that only the highest-quality mods get uploaded to our site. This helps prevent the influx of low-quality or incomplete mods which can negatively impact user experience. The ranking system can filter out those who might not put the required time and effort into their mods, ensuring that only committed and talented modders can upload their work.
  2. Resource Optimization: By limiting the ability to upload mods to users of a certain rank, we can better manage our server resources. We are a growing company with finite server space and bandwidth. This system allows us to conserve our resources for the mods that will provide the most value to our users.
  3. Spam Prevention: The ranking system is an effective way to prevent spam. Users who wish to spam the site with irrelevant or repetitive mods would need to achieve a high rank first, which is typically prohibitive. This discourages spammers, helping maintain the integrity and user-friendliness of our site.
  4. Encourages User Engagement and Loyalty: A ranking system provides a sense of achievement and progression to users. This encourages them to stay active and engage with the platform, fostering a loyal user base.
  5. Community Building: The ranking system can help create a sense of community amongst users. High-ranked modders can be seen as leaders or influencers within the community, helping to guide discussions, trends, and the overall culture of the platform.
  6. Ensures Legal Compliance: By limiting uploads to higher-ranked users, we ensure that those uploading have a thorough understanding of our policies, including strict compliance with copyright and intellectual property rights. This reduces the risk of illegal or infringing content being uploaded to our platform.
  7. Maintains Platform Reputation: By ensuring that only quality, legitimate mods are uploaded, we uphold the reputation of our platform. This attracts more users, keeps current users satisfied, and can draw positive attention from game developers and other industry figures.
  8. Educational Progression: The ranking system reflects the modder’s growing understanding and expertise in mod creation. As users rank up, it signifies they have learned more about the process of modding and improved their skills, which aligns with our goal of furthering mod education.
  9. Career Development and Recognition: High ranks can signal an individual’s commitment and proficiency in modding, which can be leveraged in the Mod Career Center. This can attract potential employers or game development partners. It also provides modders with a concrete achievement to put on their resumes when transitioning to professional game development.
  10. Motivation to Contribute: By offering points as rewards for activities like mod uploads and upvotes, we are motivating users to contribute quality content to the platform. This incentivizes users to strive for higher ranks and allows them to visibly measure their contribution to the community.
  11. Boosts Sponsorship: High ranks can earn more Influence, enabling them to purchase sponsorship badges and support budding mod authors. This not only fosters a supportive environment but also allows high-ranking users to further establish their stature within the community.
  12. Maintains Mod Institute’s Integrity: The ranking system can ensure that only committed, talented, and hardworking modders teach or guide others in the Mod Institute. This ensures that the information and techniques shared are credible and of high quality.
  13. Promotes Positive Competition: The ranking system can instill a sense of healthy competition among users. This can lead to users striving to improve their mods, providing more value to the community, and innovating within their creations.
  14. Establishes a Value Exchange System: With the ability to exchange Love Tokens for Sanctums, Experience, or Influence, the ranking system acts as a mechanism for value exchange. This enables users to strategize and optimize their progress, making the platform more engaging.


To sum up, our ranking system acts as a backbone to our platform, contributing significantly to the quality, safety, and community experience that we offer. Each of these factors work together to create a positive, inclusive and productive environment for all our users. The ranking system is not a barrier to creativity; rather, it’s a pathway that guides users towards creating high-quality, safe and engaging modifications. In doing so, it safeguards our resources and reputation while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. As we continue to grow and serve the gaming and modding community, this system will remain central to our mission of providing a platform that is trustworthy, engaging, and beneficial for all our users.

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

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