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modSanctum Guide

In this section we break down all aspects of modSanctum and what we have planned.

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Point System

The core of modSanctums Gamification system is built around 4 different types of points you can earn.

Love Tokens

Love Tokens, a unique currency within the modSanctum ecosystem, are earned through any positive interaction made towards you by another player. Whether it's a 'Like' on your posts, mods, comments, or if your mod meets download thresholds or gets favorited, you earn Love Tokens. It's a way of quantifying appreciation and admiration from the community.

Once you've reached a certain level, Love Tokens showcase their versatility. They can be converted into all three of the other modSanctum currencies – Experience, Sanctums, and Influence. Thus, Love Tokens not only validate the positive impact you've made on the platform but also fuel your advancement in the modSanctum community.


Just like a video game, gaining experience is integral to advancing in modSanctum. modSanctum offers a total of 75 distinct levels, each with its unique experience threshold and specific requirements. Achieving these levels is pivotal for progressing in your modSanctum Rank. We'll delve into the details of these ranks later.

At modSanctum, there's a multitude of ways to accumulate experience. Completing quests, fulfilling bounties and missions, or simply logging into modSanctum each day for daily rewards all contribute towards your experience pool. Further, our Task Board will offer a variety of tasks that you can complete to earn more experience. And if you have a knack for problem-solving, you can even gain experience by assisting others in the Support Forum.

Just as in the gaming world, experience is key to leveling up at modSanctum, providing a rewarding and engaging platform for all our users.


Sanctums serve as the central currency on modSanctum, facilitating a plethora of activities and transactions within our platform. With Sanctums in your virtual wallet, you can acquire items, purchase buffs, post jobs, and secure advertising space. Additionally, Sanctums offer exclusive benefits, like the ability to bypass the download timer, ensuring you get instant access to your desired mods.

You can gain Sanctums by completing quests, missions, and bounties, furthering your immersion and involvement within the platform. When you reach a certain level, you can convert Love Tokens, earned from positive community interactions, into Sanctums. This adds another layer of value to your engagement within the community.

Furthermore, uploading new content is another rewarding way to earn Sanctums. Every time you contribute to our platform with blog posts, images, videos, or other content types, you earn Sanctums as a token of our appreciation.

Sanctums, therefore, form the vital currency within the modSanctum economy, powering your interactions, growth, and the overall experience on the platform.


Influence serves as a unique and valuable currency within modSanctum, specifically designed for users who are deeply involved and committed to our platform. Influence allows users to acquire sponsorship badges, unlock exclusive titles, and even run for board member positions. As modSanctum continues to evolve, additional uses for Influence will be introduced, further enhancing its value.

But Influence isn't just a virtual currency. It holds real-world value as well. Over time, we plan to establish a payout structure, where Influence can be converted into USD. This feature bridges the gap between the virtual modding world and the real economy, providing tangible rewards for your engagement and contributions.

There are various ways to accrue Influence in modSanctum. Once you reach a certain level, you can convert Love Tokens into Influence, rewarding the positive impact you've made on the platform. Participation in contests and awards can also add to your Influence. Moreover, supporting others in their journey to become mod authors, through sponsorships, is another way to increase your Influence.

In essence, Influence is a testament to your significant contributions and leadership within the modSanctum community, reflecting your commitment and offering real-world benefits.

Exchanging Points

At a certain level players can participate in Point Exchanging.  With love Tokens being the primary point that is earned by players, the exchange depot is a necessary part of your progression.

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

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