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modSanctum Guide

In this section we break down all aspects of modSanctum and what we have planned.

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Quests & Achievements

Quests serve as the fundamental stepping stones in your early modding journey on modSanctum. By accomplishing these quests, you earn Experience and Sanctums, propelling you up the ranks and enabling you to engage more fully with the community on our site, including the opportunity to upload your mods, and much more. Quests are fulfilled by completing missions and earning an array of accolades such as badges, certificates, and other achievements across modSanctum.

Quests are meticulously designed to navigate your career in modding on modSanctum. They encompass every facet of the educational system available on our platform, spanning from straightforward tutorials to sophisticated modding courses. Quests essentially act as your roadmap to mastering the art of modding video games. They provide a guided journey through all the requisite courses you need to complete.

Are you a modding novice, keen to develop mods for Skyrim?

Embark on the “Become a Skyrim Mod Author” quest, where you’ll unlock the ability to upload mods whilst simultaneously acquiring all the knowledge you need to create mods for Skyrim!

We have an exciting lineup of quests planned for our users, promising an engaging, rewarding, and enlightening journey through the fascinating world of modding. Stay tuned to explore these quests and become a modding maestro on modSanctum!

Some examples of quests we have planned include:

There are 2 main components to quests.  Missions and Certificates.  These 2 types of achievements are earned by players through their interactions with the site and other users.

We will cover each of these in below.


Missions form the fundamental components of quests on modSanctum. They’re essentially smaller tasks, each contributing to the larger goal of completing a quest. By accomplishing these missions, you progressively work towards fulfilling the quest.

An example of a mission could be as simple as visiting a series of specific pages on our platform or earning a particular badge. You might also be required to watch a video or complete your user profile. These straightforward, achievable tasks ensure that you’re actively engaged with the modSanctum platform and community.

The bulk of quest requirements are structured in the form of these missions. So, by focusing on completing these missions, you’re systematically advancing through your quests and subsequently, your modding journey. Missions serve as the building blocks of your progress, guiding you step-by-step towards becoming a proficient modder on modSanctum.


Certificates are prestigious acknowledgements granted to players upon the successful completion of a video course on modSanctum. Once players conclude a course and pass all associated quiz questions, they receive a digital certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to their dedication and learning, demonstrating that they have successfully completed the course. Simultaneously, their quest status is automatically updated to reflect this achievement.

In the long run, our certification system is planned to be integrated with our skill tracking system. This will help monitor and validate player skills and qualifications, providing a comprehensive record of a player’s progress and competencies.

But that’s not all. One of our most ambitious goals is to offer college credits for work done on modSanctum. Imagine earning college credit while engaging in your passion for modding! This integration will further solidify modSanctum’s commitment to merging education and entertainment, setting a new benchmark in the world of gamified learning.

Other Achievements

At mS, we offer various opportunities to recognize and reward our community members. Apart from participating in missions and earning certificates, you can also earn accolades such as bounties, awards, and badges by participating in contests and events.

We strive to promote a culture of growth and excellence, and these rewards serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our community members. We invite you to explore these exciting opportunities to showcase your skills and talents and to have some fun along the way. Join us in celebrating achievement and excellence at mS!


Badges are a cornerstone of the modSanctum achievement system, recognizing various accomplishments on our platform. From winning contests to reaching content thresholds, badges celebrate the diverse contributions our users make. For instance, badges like “Hit Trending Files 1 Time” or “Acquired 100,000 Downloads in a Single Month” spotlight remarkable user achievements.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re crafting hundreds of badges to honor virtually every activity on modSanctum, from educational progress to modding contributions. Excitingly, we’re also introducing a title system. As users earn certain badges, they’ll also unlock distinctive titles, enhancing their identity on modSanctum.

We look forward to your suggestions as we continue to expand our recognition system, highlighting your unique accomplishments in our dynamic community.


Bounties introduce a unique element of engagement on modSanctum, designed as special repeatable missions that are posted by our administrators or by our users. Bounties offer a diverse array of tasks – you could be assisting fellow users in the support center, providing a game screenshot, or even creating a 30-second video clip.

Importantly, Bounties serve as a mechanism for modSanctum to reward those who choose to volunteer their time and skills to enrich our community. They act as a catalyst to motivate the community to help one another while also providing a meaningful pathway to rank up on our platform.

We believe in the power of collective wisdom, and we are eager to gather community feedback on this concept to ensure it best serves the needs and desires of our community.


Awards on modSanctum serve as exceptional recognitions, bestowed upon individuals who accomplish remarkable feats on our platform. These prestigious acknowledgements are typically presented by a Director and are subject to a vote by the board. However, Directors also hold the discretion to confer awards without board approval.

Awards are our way of shining a spotlight on extraordinary achievements within our community. When a player distinguishes themselves with noteworthy contributions or accomplishments that warrant additional attention and praise, an award will be given. These awards not only celebrate the accomplishments of our users but also inspire others within the modSanctum community to strive for similar heights.


Contests on modSanctum offer an interactive and competitive way to engage with our community, earning recognition and important points, particularly Influence. These contests are essentially badges of achievement, representing distinct accomplishments in various creative areas.

Whether you’re creating an extraordinary mod, producing an engaging video, or writing an enthralling blog post, each contest provides an opportunity to shine and earn a unique badge for your profile. Winners not only receive the esteem that comes with success, but also earn a significant boost in their Influence points.

By winning these contests, you enrich your personal portfolio within modSanctum, reinforcing your presence and influence within our community. Such achievements demonstrate your dedication, creativity, and prowess, propelling you forward in your modding journey.

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

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